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Give your users an unlimited “undo” facility, Audit Trail and Undelete option. Clarion C8,C9,C10 & C11 compatible – ABC and Legacy LogFlash is very easy to use – it’s all template driven. You can have it added to your app in about 10 minutes. Changes, inserts and deletes are logged – wherever they occur The […]

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Searches ALL text fields in ALL files in ONE Search! Add an EXTRA search option to ALL your apps!  H5 Compatible We have all come across that “difficult” search situation – we are looking for some text but we don’t know which field it might be in, or even which file! And sometimes we know […]

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RemFlash Clarion Template


How Would You Like To Add A New Feature To All Your Apps For Just 30 Minutes Per App? Any app can benefit by having a reminder option – especially if it is easily configurable in a Clarion template.  Let’s say you take a sales enquiry phone call for someone who’s away for the day […]

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Expert System – Ready-To-Sell Clarion 10/11 App

  Every business has “expert knowledge” which it depends on. Often it’s in the heads of key individuals who could leave, become ill etc. Imagine if there was an affordable system that would let them capture this expert knowledge and have it available to all staff and/or customers. Well now there is a product which […]

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Think how many browses you create in just one app – and all could benefit from a Copy button. Then you realize how much time this template set can save you!   Version 3.0 of the templates is compatible with Clarion versions C8, C9,C10 & C11  – ABC and Legacy All your data copying requirements […]

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IMPEX – User Controlled Import/Export Of Data

Make sure all your Clarion apps have a user-friendly, zero-support, data import & export option. This type of facility is a major checklist feature for software buyers. IMPEX gives you easy user-controlled “drag-and-drop” import and export of data using Clarion templates which automatically read file format information (such as Field Names Field Types etc) from the […]

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                    “Is AND/OR Searching A Pain? Let SearchFlash Take The Strain!” Combines a text search on ALL fields in ALL File Formats (except SQL) with a QBE search! Your users will love the easy to use “search all fields” text search facility. Version 3.0 Clarion C8, C9,C10 […]

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No Need For Users To Leave The Form! Version 3.0 For Clarion 10 & 11 – ABC only Turns your Forms into “Browses” – amazing productivity booster for your customers. No need to have Toolbar Controls enabled or “VCR control” on browse. How many times have users complained about having to go back to a […]

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