BlinkFlash Free Template

What does the BlinkFlash Free Template do?

It puts a “blinking attribute” on a control  (more Freeware from

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BlinkFlash is an extension template which allows an unlimited number
of controls to blink. Options include:

1) Delay before blink starts
2) How long to blink for
3) Whether text or background should blink
4) Frequency of blink
5) Conditional blinking – such as “StockLevel < ReorderLevel”
6) Multiple controls per window
7) Compatible with C6 to C11, ABC and Legacy

To install: download the ZIP below and have a look at BLINKFLASH.PDF

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Blinkflash free template

BlinkFlash Free Template Full Description:

The BlinkFlash free template by Sterling Data is a versatile extension for the Clarion platform, designed to provide enhanced visual alerts through blinking controls. With this template, users can configure an unlimited number of controls to blink, offering a dynamic and attention-catching user interface experience.

Key features and options include:

  1. Blink Start Delay: Users can set a specific delay before the blinking starts, ensuring timely visual alerts.
  2. Blink Duration: The template allows customization of how long each control will blink, offering flexibility in visual cues.
  3. Blink Type: Choose whether the text or the background of a control should blink, giving designers a choice in how the alert is presented.
  4. Blink Frequency: Control the speed of the blink to make it more noticeable or subtle as needed.
  5. Conditional Blinking: Implement logic-based blinking. For example, a control could be set to blink when “StockLevel” is less than “ReorderLevel,” aiding in immediate visual recognition of important conditions.
  6. Multiple Controls Support: Within a single window, multiple controls can be set to blink, providing a comprehensive alert system.
  7. Compatibility: BlinkFlash is designed to be compatible with Clarion versions C6 through C11, and it works seamlessly with both ABC and Legacy templates.

This dynamic (and free) template enhances user interfaces by making crucial information more noticeable, thus aiding in more efficient and effective user interactions.



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  1. Avatar of Rich Knoch
    • Rich Knoch
    • July 24, 2017


    Spot On! I have a downloader module which NOW can flash a message to our users. Thanks!

  2. Avatar of Mike McLoughlin
    • Mike McLoughlin
    • July 23, 2017

    I’m glad you find it useful Gary. Let me know if you see any improvements that could be made to it.


  3. Avatar of Gary Richards
    • Gary Richards
    • July 23, 2017

    Thanks Mike,
    I have been looking for just this functionality. Your a legend.

    Gary Richards

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