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Clarion software free download

BlinkFlash – works on text or background (Clarion Software Free Download)

Puts a “blinking attribute” on a control – Clarion Free Software

BlinkFlash is an extension template which allows an unlimited number
of controls to blink. Options include:

1) Delay before blink starts
2) How long to blink for
3) Whether text or background should blink
4) Frequency of blink
5) Conditional blinking – such as “StockLevel < ReorderLevel”
6) Multiple controls per window
7) Compatible with C6 to C11, ABC and Legacy

full details here


SHELLEX.ZIP – alternative to RUN – returns full Windows codes

ZIP includes:


Clarion Software Free Download

This is my clarion software free download page.   If you have any Clarion free software you would like to share with the Clarion software community please send it to me using mike at sterlingdata dot com.

Not just free Clarion downloads but also apps which other Clarion developers can use to get a flying start in a Clarion project.  Mainly items that work with Softvelocity Clarion 10 and Softvelocity Clarion 11.

Clarion downloads, from across the Clarion community, offer a wide range of free addons that can help developers enhance their application development process. These Clarion downloads provide additional functionality, tools, and resources to developers, allowing them to create more robust and efficient applications. Each Clarion download is designed to meet the specific needs of developers, making the application development process more productive and effective. If you are a developer looking to improve your application development process, a Clarion free download is definitely worth considering and another link is shown below.

Another source of free Clarion software downloads is:  hpps://


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