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Clarion Tools

Sterling Data’s Third-Party Clarion Tools

In the landscape of application development, Clarion, developed by SoftVelocity, has established its foothold as a premier tool for rapid application development, especially for database-centric software. Leveraging a high-level language and templated code generation, Clarion developers can produce applications more efficiently than by using traditional programming environments.
Within the Clarion community, third-party vendors have further enriched the ecosystem by offering various Clarion tools and accessories to enhance the capabilities of the base product. One such notable vendor is Sterling Data.

Sterling Data: A Brief Overview

Sterling Data has earned its reputation as a provider of niche utilities and tools tailored for the Clarion community. Their products are typically designed to fill the gaps in the standard Clarion environment, thereby offering solutions to common challenges and expanding the possibilities of what Clarion developers can achieve.

Clarion and Sterling Data’s Third-Party Tools: A Deeper Dive

As previously discussed, Clarion serves as a bedrock for rapid application development, particularly for database-centric applications. Augmenting its capabilities, third-party vendors like Sterling Data introduce various tools that supercharge the standard features provided by Clarion. Let’s delve deeper into some specific tools offered by Sterling Data.

1. LogFlash

Overview: LogFlash stands out as a potent diagnostic tool tailored for the Clarion environment. It assists developers in capturing, logging, and analyzing user activity without hampering the performance of the application.
Key Features:
– Real-time Logging: Instantly capture and record activity events as they occur.
– Minimal Overhead: Designed to ensure that application speed remains uncompromised.
– Custom Filters: Enables developers to focus on specific event types or categories.

2. CopyFlash

Overview: CopyFlash streamlines the task of copying database records. Whether you’re duplicating a single record or batch copying, this tool enhances the process’s efficiency and reliability, down to 3 generations.
Key Features:
– Flexible Copying Options: Select from single, multiple, or batch record copying.
– Data Integrity: Ensures data consistency and reliability during the copy process.
– Integration: Seamlessly embeds into existing Clarion projects.

3. SearchFlash

Overview: SearchFlash revolutionizes the search capabilities within Clarion applications. It provides an advanced search mechanism, making it easier for end-users to locate specific records or datasets.
Key Features:
– Multi-parameter Searches: Enables complex searches based on multiple criteria.
– User-friendly Interface: Intuitive UI makes it accessible for both developers and end-users.
– Performance Optimized: Designed to fetch results quickly, even in large datasets.

4. ImpEx

Overview: Short for “Import/Export,” ImpEx serves as a bridge for data transfer. It simplifies the process of importing and exporting data between Clarion applications and external sources by end-users as well as developers.
Key Features:
– Wide Format Support: Compatible with multiple data formats for import/export tasks.
– Data Mapping: Easily map Clarion fields to external data sources to ensure consistency.
– Batch Operations: Facilitates large-scale data transfers efficiently.

5. SearchOut

Overview: SearchOut extends the search capabilities of Clarion projects. While it bears similarities to SearchFlash, SearchOut offers a more granular approach to search, especially beneficial for when a user does not know which data file or field might hold the desired data.  A good deep-diver Clarion tool.
Key Features:
– low-level Search: Allows users to quickly locate specific any search string they enter.
– Seamlessly embeds into the Clarion development environment.
– Advanced Filtering: Customize search parameters for more accurate results.

6. VCRFlash

Overview: VCRFlash enhances navigation within Clarion-built applications. It introduces VCR-style controls, allowing users to easily navigate through records with a familiar interface on the update form itself.
Key Features:
– Intuitive Controls: Fast forward, rewind, play, and pause your way through database records.
– Customizable Interface: Tailor the look and feel to match your application’s aesthetics.
– Integration: Like other Sterling Data Clarion tools, VCRFlash embeds seamlessly into Clarion projects.

Clarion Tools


Sterling Data’s suite of tools provides indispensable enhancements to the Clarion development ecosystem. Whether it’s optimizing search capabilities with SearchFlash and SearchOut, streamlining data transfer processes with ImpEx, or enhancing navigation with VCRFlash, Sterling Data equips developers with the Clarion tools they need to create superior, user-friendly applications. Their commitment to filling the gaps in the standard Clarion environment is evident in their innovative toolset, making them an invaluable resource for the Clarion developer community.

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