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Think how many browses you create in just one app – and all could benefit from a Copy button.

Then you realize how much time the CopyFlash template set can save you!


Version 3.0 of the templates is compatible with Clarion versions C8, C9,C10 & C11  – ABC and Legacy
All your data copying requirements met in one template set!

Short Description:  places a Copy button on any number of browses in a window, and there is also a Process Template for batch copying a range of records.

  • Copy all related child records down to grandchild level. The developer can choose which ones to include.
  • Two operation modes: Open the update form before copy or just do a straight copy without editing.
  • Copy within the same file or copy to another set of parent/child files.
  • Multiple copy buttons per window – so if you have 10 browses on your window they can all have a copy button.
  • Batch Copy template – copy a range of records – ideal for archiving.  Use your own tag selection.
  • Autoincrement is automatically handled by both modes. Edit-in-place is not supported.
  • Exclude Fields from being copied
  • Prime child copied records with new values.
  • Actions to take after a record is copied: 1) Delete the source record or 2) Set a flag field in the copied record such as an archived flag or 3) do nothing.
  • What text (if any) should appear on the popup menu can also be customized.
  • Option to display a message such as “Record Copied OK” – useful when copying to another file and its not immediately obvious a copy has occurred. It reassures the user something has happened
  • All source code supplied.No black boxes and no dictionary changes needed.
  • Clarionet compatible
  • The CopyFlash Template costs only $95 and there are no runtime royalties.
  • Purchase with Confidence – all products are covered by our 60-day return policy
  • NO annual subscription charge!


CopyFlash Template Demo

Comments from Clarion Developers using CopyFlash Template

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This is genius! Thank you so much. You have saved me countless hours of battle with Clarion.

Mark Shupac,cTc Software,Manchester UK   
Author Picture

My invoice copying was working 5 minutes after installation like a charm!

Udo Cizelj, Maribor, Slovenia   
Author Picture

I was going crazy trying to modify other "copy" type templates to work for my application needs. I found CopyFlash, and it did everything I wanted in the 7 minutes it took me to add it to my application. And it was at A GREAT PRICE, too !

Chuck Hedge, Datatec Systems, Amity Harbor, NY   
Author Picture

It took me about 43 seconds to add and it works great. My thanks to you!

Brian Hyndman, Centurion Enterprises, Canada   
Author Picture

Great Job Mike! This is what the Clarion browse template has been missing

Bijan Hosseinian, Elite Business Systems   
Author Picture

My clients are happy. CopyFlash and BackFlash are worth their weight in gold. If my recommendation is worth anything you definitely have it for your products and your willingness to help

Russell Jones, Winnfield, LA   
Author Picture

Very Useful and well worth the price

Michael Iacomini, Bloomingdale, IL   
Author Picture

Thank you for this great template. It is things such as this that make using Clarion a real joy

Don Harvey, Mo-Ark Truck Services, Inc.   

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