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Give your users an unlimited “undo” facility, Audit Trail and Undelete option. The LogFlash template is Clarion C8,C9,C10 & C11 compatible – ABC and Legacy

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The LogFlash Template is very easy to use – it’s all template driven. You can have it added to your app in about 10 minutes.

  • Changes, inserts and deletes are logged – wherever they occur
  • The size of the audit file is kept under control because changes are stored on a field-by-field basis (not the whole record for every change)
  • Memo changes (up to 64K) are stored in a separate file – again, to keep the log file size under control.
  • When a record is deleted there is the option to store the whole record (and related child files) in an archive file.
  • This allows records to be “undeleted”
  • Changes to individual fields can be rolled back.The scope of the rollback can be either a) Just the highlighted set of changes or b) all changes going back to a certain date. Rolling back in reverse order means that a record can be reinstated to a defined date. Also, rollback can be restricted to a named User ID.
  • All key information is stored in the log file : date/time of change, User ID of person changing, computer name (32 bit only), Filename, Fieldname, Old Value, New Value, Procedure used, Unique Record ID, Primary Field (for quick identification of the main record) and 4 user fields where you can record any other info you think is relevant to this log file entry.
  • Embed points for you to tweak the operation of the templates, if you want
  • Supports any file format that Clarion does – including SQL.  Also, the log file format can be changed from TPS to anything you want.
  • Multi-language support – Danish, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Compatible with Legacy and ABC templates. Currently on version 3.0 (Feb 2018)
  • Only $195 one-time payment – no annual subscription charge!
  • Clarion C8,C9,C10 & C11 compatible

All source code supplied. No black boxes. No runtime royalties. 60 Day Guarantee of Satisfaction

 LogFlash Template Demo

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Just installed and I'm using this product. Works GREAT. Many thanks.

Bob Garcia, Facilities Management Information Systems, Santa Barbara   
Author Picture

LogFlash is a beauty of a product. Installs easy. Runs great. Deliberately built with
flexibility so you can modify things to accommodate unique needs

Tim Phillips, VT Dept Of Environmental Conservation, Waterbury, VT (from a newsgroup msg)   
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I have implemented LogFlash (very easily) in an application where general users can add, edit and delete records ... seems to work nicely without a clash with several other 3rdPty tools including, Query Wizard, Spread Wizard, CrossTab Wizard, CPCS, NetTalk, SecWin, Prodomus Date Tools, Thread Limiter, ABCFree, HandyTools, and more...

Sam Brown, datwright, Vale City VA   
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I just want to thank you for an excellent product - I received the passwords yesterday when I got home and one hour later I was up and running with Logflash installed in the program. It works perfect, so on the next meeting in the Norwegian user group I will recommend it to all

Bjørn Behrentz, AC Consult, Tonsberg, Norway   
Author Picture

LogFlash has been running bullet-proof in our Cemetery Module for years

Rich Knoch, Compulink Ltd, http://www.compulink-ltd.com   
Author Picture

LogFlash is a great product, easy to use and very helpful.

Rich Bowman, Bennett Supply Company   
Author Picture

It's terrific! It works GREAT for my needs! And, it was easy to implement.

Merle Winder   

LogFlash Demo

Clarion C8,C9,C10 & C11 compatible

Still only USD195!

Purchase with Confidence – all products are covered by our 60-day return policy

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