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How Would You Like To Add A New Feature To All Your Apps For Just 30 Minutes Per App?

Any app can benefit by having a RemFlash Template reminder option – especially if it is easily configurable in a Clarion template.  Let’s say you take a sales enquiry phone call for someone who’s away for the day – set a reminder for them to call back the lead!  Also a great way to share information across the network by sending messages/reminders.

Clarion C8 to C11 compatible – ABC & legacy versions


Just look at these Features!

1 Easy slot-in implementation of Reminders. All procedures are pre-written and because all source code is supplied you can easily change any windows to your own look and feel.  Add them with a few mouse clicks from a TXA.

2 Unique visible warning that a Reminder is due.  The jumping alarm clock on the toolbar can be seen from anywhere in your app. There’s also an option to bypass this and “auto popup” immediately a reminder becomes active. Or you could use a different set of icons for the animation.

3 Run an external program at the scheduled date/time and/or show a message

4 Set recurrences – daily, weekly etc. – see above screenshot

5 Option to beep/play WAV on a reminder.  Allowance is given for the fact that some users won’t want sound FX

6  When a reminder pops up there are 3 options : Leave as is, Reschedule to another time or De-Activate (mark as “done”)

7 Can be used in single user or network apps

8 In network mode reminders can be created for other users. And they will immediately see it – works like a message system!

9 If your app is iconized/minimized it will be brought to the top when a Reminder becomes active.

10 Clarion only allows one IDLE() per app but with the RemFlash Template Idle Manager you can have up to 10 separate IDLEs running.

11 In Network apps you can select that only system administrators can see other users Reminders

12 Use of IDLE means that there is no performance hit for your apps

13  Over the shoulder Tutorial Video makes adding the RemFlash Template to your apps very quick.

14 Compatible with Clarion versions C8 to C11

15 No Runtime Royalties – all source code supplied

Download the RemFlash Template demo and try it out

Price is $195 – Purchase with Confidence – all products are covered by our 60-day return policy, no annual subscription charge!


“I like the new features you have added. This gives me and the customer so much more power over the reminders.  Great job.”
Johan de Klerk, Your Computer Man, South Africa

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