Searches ALL text fields in ALL files in ONE Search!

Add an EXTRA search option to ALL your apps!  H5 Compatible

We have all come across that “difficult” search situation – we are looking for some text but we don’t know which field it might be in, or even which file!

And sometimes we know the text could be in multiple locations.

The SearchOut Clarion Templates are the solution for this problem.

It consists of 2 templates – one of which, the Global Extension, has template prompts. This is the template where you enter which files you want to allow your users to search, and also the identifying field when a match is found.

So setting up the template is very fast.

Main Features

  • Searches for text across ALL text fields in all files that you specify – STRING, MEMO, PSTRING and CSTRING
  • Only one template has prompts – makes for a fast addition to all your apps
  • SearchOut complements any existing search templates you use – just add another toolbar button/menu option called Search All Text
  • Presently available for ABC Clarion 10 and 11 (the templates will work with Clarion 8 to 9.1 but there is no example app)
  • Compatible with H5 web apps
  • The example “demo” app shows SearchOut in operation – the demo data comprises 5,000 records
  • Available for all file types supported by Clarion except DOS, BASIC and ASCII
  • Full details of matches are stored in SORESULTS.TPS – you can change the file driver if you want
  • These details are: Field, Record and File found in – together with surrounding text, which gives the context of the match.
  • Results can be added to existing search results
  • All source code supplied – so you can “blend” the supplied procedures with the look of your apps
  • Only $95 one-time payment – No annual charges

Download the demo and try it out

Customer Feedback

“SearchOut works great in H5 apps as well, with some minor tweaks using the web extension template. Fantastic search tool.”
Rohan Dunstan
Dunstan Software

“Just bought it: works great; I recommend it !”
Piet Bouma


Q Does SearchOut use an Index?

A  No index is used, because an index would be needed for every text field in every file.  Building and updating such a monster index would not be practicable. SearchOut should be seen as a supplement to your existing search template, which probably searches one file (by key) at a time. It’s for situations where speed is not the primary issue, but finding the data is very important.

Having said that, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the speed of search – try it yourself on the supplied demo app and data files.


Q What’s the difference between SearchOut and SearchFlash?

SearchFlash assumes you know which file to search in.

SearchOut is different because it searches all your files at one go and is therefore much easier to use if you don’t which file to search.

SearchFlash can do AND/OR type searches.  SearchOut is just for text searches.


Purchase with Confidence – all products are covered by our 60-day return policy

Available for ABC Clarion 10 and 11 (the templates will work with Clarion 8 to 9.1 but there is no example app)




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