Why Use Sterling Data?

At Sterling Data, we offer expert Clarion Programming Services to help businesses streamline their operations and improve efficiency 

Clarion Expertise

We have 30 years experience in using Clarion and writing software for all sectors – and using versions from MS-DOS to the latest SAAS apps. So we have a very deep understanding of the Clarion system – whether to make a new program from scratch, or to update an old program.

Cost Effective
Custom Software

Keep costs down by dealing directly with the developer – most of the Google Search results for “Clarion Programmer” go to agencies of one sort or another. Don’t pay expensive agency fees – fill in the call-back request below for a preliminary discussion.

Robust & Reliable Software

Our goal is to provide our clients with robust and reliable software that meets their unique business needs. By using our services, businesses can save time and money by automating repetitive tasks, improving data management, and streamlining their operations.

Timely Communication

We understand the importance of timely and effective communication, and we are dedicated to working closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are met. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality solutions on time and within budget.


Sterling Data Programming Services

Request a Call Back or Email Us To See How We Can Help You

Need a program converting from Clarion DOS to Windows? 

Your DOS program may still be working OK but who knows when Windows support for such programs will cease? We have a fast system in place which will convert all your .DAT files, extract custom source code from .CLA files and you will have a Windows version in no time at all!

An Example of my Clarion services

Are users asking for access to your app from other software?

This is where an API is required – we will meet with you and establish what data and procedures you want to make available to other software. Or maybe you want to access an API in Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube etc?

An Example of my Clarion services

Extracting Data From A Clarion Legacy App

Are you moving to a new system (for example an SQL program) and have lots of data you want to take with you? We will extract everything to Comma Delimited Files (CSV)

Would you like assistance with any of the following?

1) Maintaining an old Clarion program, or converting from DOS to Windows

2) Creating a new desktop or Web-based program

3) Updating a desktop Clarion app to web-based

4) Adding an API to your program

5) Custom Template development


What People Say

Easy access and storage of tutor assessments, observations and action planning. It was great to see the tutor interacting with the comments. I can see immense benefit for gathering tutor feedback on their own development and input to the quality process.



What People Say

I have implemented LogFlash (very easily) in an application where general users can add, edit and delete records … works nicely without a clash with several other 3rdPty tools


Datawright, Vale City VA


What People Say

Mike has been helping me develop a major application which will have a huge impact in the health-related community. His knowledge of the Clarion language, along with his ability to use logic and common-sense marketing has brought my program up to the level it needs to be commercially. I would recommend Mike to any programmer who might be struggling to insert that last bit of excellence in a Clarion application.


Retired Pharmacist, Florida


What People Say

LogFlash is a beauty of a product. Installs easy. Runs great. Deliberately built with flexibility so you can modify things to accommodate unique needs


VT Dept Of Environmental Conservation, Waterbury, VT


What People Say

Keep up the great work and contributions to the Clarion developer base. Your tools are the finest and your support is fantastic!


Softclaim.com, Inc., Peoria AZ


What People Say

This is genius! Thank you so much. You have saved me countless hours of battle with Clarion.


cTc Software,Manchester UK


What People Say

Thank you for this great template. It is things such as this that make using Clarion a real joy


Mo-Ark Truck Services, Inc.


What People Say

This must be one of the easiest templates I ever implemented. Good instructions and straightforward. You give one of the most responsive and thorough support services available today. Quite a refreshing experience to work with Sterling Data


Positive Change


What People Say

Got the software installed and it works great. I tackled a 34 MB Flat ascii file and imported it into a .TPS file with no problems


Rocky Face GA


What People Say

SearchFlash is a big hit with the customers! The product works beautifully


Contractors Consulting Services